We’ve created Proactive Accounting

for Nonprofits

Strategic Nonprofit Accounting

The biggest complaint we hear from Nonprofit leaders is how difficult it is to stay compliant and get the right information out of their accounting system in order to make data driven decisions. But complex and growing organizations need more, which is why we’ve created proactive accounting for nonprofits. As your outsourced accounting department we bring you real-time insights into the key operational and financial drivers of your organization to support decision making. We start with your goals in mind and give you the right combination of people, processes, and technology to build a world class accounting team that will take you to new heights. 

Our mission is to provide Nonprofit leaders with life balance, peace of mind, and insights to achieve their mission. Our vision is that all organizations have proactive and strategic accounting, and we’re achieving this one organization at a time.

Do you want your accounting to be more strategic? 

Nonprofit Accounting

How We Work

Phase One: Assessment

Most times, leaders don’t know what they need or where to start when it comes to their accounting and financial management. They’re not entirely sure what their staff is doing, if they even need them, and what type of role they should hire. They don’t know if their technologies are sufficient, how they should integrate, or what best practices they’re missing out on. But what they do know is that they want to break the status quo, move to the 21st century, and develop a team that’s innovative and entrepreneurial minded. They want to understand where they are and develop a plan moving forward to develop a strong back office foundation to support future growth. We start every new client engagement with an upfront assessment to do just that. We learn the ins and outs of your organization and understand all your current processes related to accounting workflows. Then, with your goals and future growth in mind, we use our expertise to provide recommendations on technology, processes and staff and develop a road map to get you there.

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Phase Two: Implementation

We bring your road map to life. We clean up your books, implement any new technologies, develop and train on new processes, and assign you a fractional team of Accountant, Controller, and optional CFO to become your accounting department based on your exact needs. 

Phase Three: Execution

Your new SAOS accounting team executes flawlessly and gives you the culture, compliance, visibility, and results you need. We handle tasks such as A/P, invoicing, credit card expense management, payroll, cash management, month end, reporting, budgeting, etc. And as you grow, we seamlessly scale with you and add new resources as needed.

Benefits of SAOS Outsourced Solutions for Nonprofits

Compliance and Accuracy

With the right systems and team in place, you can rest easy knowing your organization is compliant in all areas no matter how complex your organization gets. You can view reports and actually trust their validity. Audits will be a breeze and findings will be virtually eliminated. Segregation of duties will be in place to eliminate any risk of fraud, and all activity will have strong audit trails. With a strong infrastructure in place, you can have confidence to grow and expand your programs and services.

Real-time, Detailed Reporting

Reporting no longer has to be a manual process done in excel, only viewed once a month, and the responsibility of one person. WIth SAOS, you will have reports available in real-time that break down your organization by it’s most granular parts so that you can make data driven decisions. And, we believe in transparency throughout the organization. All leaders can have access (restricted if needed) to view their performance vs budget and key KPIs so that accountability is spread. Beyond traditional reports, we also believe in dashboards to highlight key metrics and show performance visually to give you a quick snapshot of what’s important.

Efficient Processes

We work hard to develop processes that are efficient and utilize technology whenever possible. Your leadership and operational staff should  not be bogged down by administrative tasks. Your hearts should be out on the streets fulfilling your mission, not in the office. Also, we understand the difficulty of trying to manage data in many different systems throughout the organization. We integrate wherever possible and tailor processes to eliminate duplicate data entry and take advantage of the benefits of each unique system.

Cost Savings

When organizations are in trouble, the first thing they typically think is that they need a CFO. But most times that is not the case and can be an expensive proposition. Not only is it difficult to find a strong CFO at a cost you can afford, but you risk losing that person due to the lower level tasks they’ll usually have to perform, and the simplicity of the work which may leave them dissatisfied. Going through an assessment with SAOS gives you the diagnosis and plan you need at a fraction of the cost. Plus, going forward you most likely don’t need full-time staff members to execute on your accounting tasks. We assign you a team based on your unique needs which is less than hiring in-house staff, and you save money on benefits and the cost of hiring over time.


Insight you’ll gain from SAOS:


Audit Trail to Source Documents


Budget vs Actual in Real-Time


Fund Reporting by Restriction


Reporting by Event, Mission, Location, Etc.


Standardized Invoicing & Collections


Electronic Approval Workflows

Looking for tighter controls and more financial visibility for your nonprofit?