Outsourced Accounting Services

by experts in Nonprofit Accounting

Is your organization experiencing any of the following challenges?

  • Difficulty tracking information at the level you need by revenue source, restriction, fund, program, service, functional area, etc.
  • Not having financial & operational information when you need it
  • Difficulty staffing your accounting department with great talent given a limited budget
  • Constant staff turnover 
  • Spending too much time managing accounting staff
  • Accounting execution errors and manual processes that waste time
  • Feeling like you’ve outgrown your accounting software (such as QuickBooks)
  • STRESS over financial management





Strategic Nonprofit Accounting

Most Nonprofit accounting teams are focused on QuickBooks and bookkeeping – recording information after the fact and in a simple way to create financial statements. But complex and growing organizations need more, which is why we’ve created proactive accounting for nonprofits. As your outsourced accounting department we bring you real-time insights into the key operational and financial drivers of your organization to support decision making. We start with your goals in mind and give you the right combination of people, processes, and technology to build a world class accounting team that will take you to new heights. 

Our mission is to provide Nonprofit leaders with life balance, peace of mind, and insights to achieve their mission and improve our communities. Our vision is that all organizations have proactive and strategic accounting, and we’re achieving this one organization at a time.

Do you want your accounting to be more strategic? 

Nonprofit Accounting

Benefits of SAOS Outsourced Solutions for Nonprofits

Paperless Automation and Approval Workflows

Approving bills and credit card expenses can be cumbersome and manual. Your SAOS team will implement automation tools allowing you to capture receipts, submit expense reports, and approve bills all from your smartphone. Plus, you’ll have predefined approval workflows and strong audit trails to satisfy your Board of Directors, Investors and Auditors.

24/7 Access To Information

Reporting doesn’t have to be a manual process done in excel and only viewed once a month. And, your accountant doesn’t have to be the sole gatekeeper of information. With SAOS, your employees can receive restricted real-time access to their expenses vs budget to ensure they stay on track, and we’ll give your Board of Directors the reporting they need at a click of a button. Plus, you’ll no longer be restricted by the limitations of QuickBooks. We’ll customize our solution to give you the reporting you need by fund, project, program, restriction, department, donor, vendor, event, mission, entity, or any category important to you.

Compliance and accuracy

Outdated, manual accounting processes can create stress and uncertainty in your organization. Never question the integrity of your information or your compliance again. Audits will be a breeze and findings will be virtually eliminated. With SAOS, you receive the perfect combination of people, processes, and technology to develop a world class Accounting and Finance Department for your organization, at a cost you can afford.

Insight you’ll gain from SAOS:


Audit Trail to Source Documents


Budget vs Actual in Real-Time


Fund Reporting by Restriction


Reporting by Event, Mission, Location, Etc.


Standardized Invoicing & Collections


Electronic Approval Workflows

Looking for tighter controls and more financial visibility for your nonprofit?