Outsourced Family Office Accounting

Having the right team of advisors in place to manage, grow, and preserve your assets is crucial to ensure their longevity. Your Investment Team, Tax Accountants, Bankers, and Attorneys add incredible value, but do you find that the administrative bookkeeping and accounting is stealing most of your precious time and limiting your ability to see the overall picture of your estate? With Family Office Accounting with SAOS, we handle all of the financial administration for your trusts, personal interests, and business interests, while providing you a full financial picture of all of your entities in one dashboard – at your fingertips 24/7. As your family’s trusted accounting partner, you can rest easy knowing every square inch of your life is taken care of.

Family Office Accounting

Benefits of SAOS Outsourced Solutions for Family Offices

Dashboard reporting on your entire estate

Consolidated financials and metrics accessible by you and your family 24/7. View your net worth in real-time with the ability to drill in by entity and asset class to view performance. Also, you’ll be able to regularly monitor your spending by category and income by source.

A strong bookkeeping infrastructure for your family

We implement standard processes and an accounting infrastructure to create formality for your family that is not reliant on one person and easily understood. We track activity for all entities from your bank, credit card and investment accounts as well as activity from various other investments/assets.

A full accounting solution

Beyond record keeping, we can handle bill pay, invoicing, cash management, expense reporting, payroll, reporting, budgeting, etc. for your family, real estate holdings or operating companies.


Insight you’ll gain from SAOS:


Real-Time Bank Balances


Wealth & Asset Allocation by Family Member


Trust Accounting & Reporting


Customized Dashboards for Personal & Business Interests


GAAP Compliance


24/7 Access to Information from your Smartphone

Do you want greater Financial visibility into your Estate and less administrative headaches? Curious how it works?