Outsourced Family Office Accounting

Having the right team of advisors in place to manage, grow, and preserve your assets is crucial to ensure their longevity. Your Investment Team, Tax Accountants, Bankers, and Attorneys add incredible value, but do you find that the administrative bookkeeping and accounting is stealing most of your precious time and limiting your ability to see the overall picture of your estate? With Family Office Accounting with SAOS, we handle all of the financial administration for your trusts, personal interests, and business interests, while providing you a full financial picture of all of your entities in one dashboard – at your fingertips 24/7. As your family’s trusted accounting partner, you can rest easy knowing every square inch of your life is taken care of.

Family Office Accounting

Benefits of SAOS Outsourced Solutions for Family Offices

Dashboard reporting on your entire estate

We’ve been called the mint.com for the ultra wealthy. Personal Financial Statements for all of your business interests, personal interests, and trusts in a series of dashboards, accessible by you and your family 24/7.

Financial administration and Accounting for your entire estate

Private Jets, Yachts, Real Estate, Restaurants, Investments, Charities, and Collectibles are just some of the many items that make of your life. Don’t let the management of these assets soak up your time and get in the way of what’s most important to you. Leave the bill pay, revenue collection, cash management, reporting, and GAAP compliance to us.

Peace of Mind

With SAOS Family Office Accounting, you’ll have access to the best technologies, highly trained and educated accounting professionals, and processes designed to segregate duties and maintain controls. We work “under the hood” to ensure that your estate is taken care of – and wealth preserved – at all times with the highest level of integrity.

Reduced Taxes

We partner with your Tax Accountant on an ongoing basis to ensure they have all data points available to make the best tax decisions. With improved visibility on your entire estate provided by SAOS, you could potentially save millions of dollars on taxes.

Insight you’ll gain from SAOS:


Real-Time Bank Balances


Wealth & Asset Allocation by Family Member


Trust Accounting & Reporting


Customized Dashboards for Personal & Business Interests


GAAP Compliance


24/7 Access to Information from your Smartphone

Do you want greater Financial visibility into your Estate and less administrative headaches?