SAOS Outsourced Accounting for Single Family Offices

Say goodbye to accounting headaches with our turnkey family office solution. Combining best-in-class cloud technology with optimal staffing, SAOS transforms the way families handle their accounting once and for all. No longer struggle with outdated systems, inadequate staffing, and disorganized financial records. Instead, take advantage of a fully integrated, state-of-the-art accounting solution that streamlines processes and empowers family members and key family leaders to focus on what matters most. From real-time reporting to seamless integration with other systems, the SAOS solution is designed to make accounting as simple and efficient as possible. 

Family Office Accounting

 Benefits of SAOS Outsourced Solutions for Family Offices

Smarter Accounting Processes

We employ a carefully selected technology stack, designed to optimize the specific needs of your family office and streamline accounting processes. Our custom approach addresses the most common pain points in accounting, including bill payment and approvals, investment data posting, intercompany activity tracking, cash management across entities, partnership accounting, and reporting, thus delivering a more efficient and simplified accounting experience.

Expert Accounting Support

You receive a team of experienced Controllers and Accountants, tailored to meet the specific volume and complexity of your accounting needs. Our highly qualified team boasts over a decade of combined expertise in family office accounting and technology, a rare combination of skills in the market today

The Last Accounting Solution You’ll Ever Need

Our objective is to forge a long-standing partnership that transcends generations, freeing you from the burden of managing an in-house accounting department. With our commitment to providing a comprehensive and reliable accounting solution, you can rest assured that your financial records will always be in good hands, allowing you to focus on the growth and success of your family office for years to come.


Benefits you’ll gain with SAOS:


Improved Tax Planning


Stronger Controls And Audit Trails To Reduce Risk Of Fraud


GAAP Compliance And Audit Readiness Across Entities


Real-time Reporting and Insights Across Entities


Seamless Scalability As Your Family Office Evolves


Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Technology And AI

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