Frequently Asked Questions

Is SAOS only a good solution for small businesses?

No, we have found that our services are ideal for businesses with annual revenue between $1 Million to $20 Million. From small to large we can be your complete accounting & finance team.

Can SAOS still serve as our back-office partner if we are not located near their current offices?

Absolutely, we service all of our customers virtually through our cloud based accounting and document retrieval systems. As much as we love to meet our clients in person we have learned that virtual meetings can be just as beneficial for our client relationships.

How long does it take to get up and running with SAOS and the cloud based accounting software?

It depends on the condition of your books and the magnitude of your company. For small or new companies, it can take as little as a week to set up your accounting services online and get started.

How do we get our documents to SAOS?

There are three different ways you can send information to your SAOS team. We provide all of our clients with designated account folders at no additional cost, AP software portal (, and/or email.

How do we get ahold of you when we need advice or have questions?

We are always available to our clients, just as though we were in the office next door.
We will provide you with the e-mail addresses and business cell phone numbers of our team members that you will be working directly with.

Do you outsource the client’s accounting overseas?

No! When you make SAOS your back office partner, you will have appointed contacts for all of your accounting needs. We currently have offices located in New York and South Carolina. We would love to come visit your offices when desired but GoToMeeting video conferences work in between.

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